BrightHire's first company value is Put Candidates First, and this commitment guides our approach to recording disclosure and consent. We work with each organization to ensure candidates always know that their interview is being recorded. In this article you'll learn more about recording disclosures, candidate FAQs and our opt-out feature.

Recording Disclosures

BrightHire for Candidates - FAQ

Opt-Out Information

There are several ways candidates can be made aware that their interview will be recorded, ahead and at the outset of their interviews. Some methods of recording disclosure are applicable to all interview types, while some are dependent on the interview type (phone, video, etc.).

Recording Disclosure for ALL Interview Types

The following are recording disclosure options that can be used for any interview type:

Interview calendar invites: BrightHire may work with your organization's recruiting team to insert recording disclosure language in candidate-facing calendar invites. Common disclosures include "This interview will be recorded using so we can focus on you, not taking notes" and "This interview will be recorded using so we can focus on delivering a great interview experience."

Automatic BrightHire email: An organization can choose to have BrightHire send an automatic email to a candidate the day before their first interview with the company. This email will make them aware of recording, give them more information on BrightHire, and allow them to automatically opt out of being recorded if they would like. Learn more here.

Recording Disclosure for Phone Interviews

BrightHire can deliver an automated disclosure at the beginning of every phone call placed through BrightHire. Our standard disclosure is: "This call will be recorded so we can focus on you, not taking notes". Your organization may choose to use its own custom pre-recorded disclosure language, contact your CSM to learn more.

Recording Disclosure for Zoom Interviews

BrightHire works with every organization to ensure their Zoom settings are set up to provide candidates with proper recording disclosure during the interview itself. Zoom provides audio, text, and visual options to disclose a meeting is being recorded, as well as the ability to gain affirmative consent from candidates when they join the meeting. Consult with your organization's BrightHire admin to confirm which settings have been enabled for your Zoom interviews.

Recording Disclosure for Google Meet Interviews

The BrightHire Notetaker joins your interview as a participant to record and transcribe everything. All participants in the interview will see a "Recording" message in the top left corner of the BrightHire Notetaker participant cell. The BrightHire Notetaker will also automatically send a chat to all participants that says "This interview is being recorded so we can focus on the conversation." This disclaimer is the default but is customizable by your organization - contact your CSM for more information.

*Note: Recording disclosure and consent laws vary by jurisdiction and this article is not intended to provide legal advice. Please consult your organization's legal counsel if you have any questions around recording laws and regulations.

BrightHire for Candidates - FAQ

We built BrightHire to give every candidate the hiring experience they deserve: fair, professional, and efficient. In the above linked article, candidates can find more information about how we do that.

Candidate Opt-Out of Recording

BrightHire's automatic Candidate Opt-out link and/or Email allows candidates to opt-out of BrightHire recordings before the interview happens. This self-service option takes any stress off the recruiting team and interviewers to make sure a candidate's interviews are not captured. Learn more here.

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