Have you ever been asked to answer the same question in 3 consecutive interviews? Or felt as though the interviewer was only half-listening or making up questions on the spot? Us too.

We built BrightHire to give every candidate the hiring experience they deserve: fair, professional, and efficient. Here’s more info about how we do that:

What is BrightHire?

  • BrightHire is a technology platform that helps companies deliver a great interview experience to every candidate, and to run a fair and effective hiring process overall.

How does BrightHire benefit candidates?

  • BrightHire will help ensure your interviewers are focused on you, not on taking notes.
  • BrightHire also ensures your interviews are structured and well thought out, giving you the best opportunity to showcase your relevant experience and qualifications.
  • If you speak with multiple interviewers, BrightHire will help the hiring team coordinate to give you a great experience. It’ll be much less likely you’ll be asked to “Tell me about yourself” four times in four interviews.
  • BrightHire will help your interviewers recall important details about your experience and qualifications - so they aren’t simply relying on their notes and recollections.

How will I know the interview is recorded?

  • You will always know that the interview is being recorded.
  • If your interview is over the phone, you may hear an audio message announcing the call is being recorded or the interviewer will say the interview is being recorded.
  • If the interview is being conducted over a video conference system, you may see a visual recording notification (like a flashing red recording button), hear an audio message, and/or see a recording notification appear when you join the videoconference.

Can I choose to interview without being recorded?

  • Yes, you can say at any time that you would prefer to interview without being recorded. Choosing not to be recorded will have no impact on your candidacy for the role.

Who will be able to review my interview?

  • In the same way companies decide who can view interview feedback and notes, BrightHire gives recruiting leaders detailed controls to ensure only the right people have access to your interview.

How long will the company hold on to my interview?

  • It depends on the company’s policy. Companies often choose to hold on to interviews so their recruiting team can find and reach out to relevant candidates for future roles - and pick up conversations with candidates where they left off.
  • If at any time you would like the company to delete your interview recording, you can email your request to support@brighthire.ai and your recording will be deleted. (Applies to EU residents and to non-EU candidates interviewing with companies that adhere to GDPR.)

Is my interview secure?

  • Our first value as a company is Put Candidates First, and this shapes every decision we make, including our approach to data security and privacy. We take the responsibility of securing your information very seriously and use a variety of industry-standard technologies and services to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and loss.

Will BrightHire make a judgement about my qualifications for the role?

  • No. BrightHire is built to help people make better, less biased hiring decisions. The platform may analyze your interview to help your interviewer recall important moments, but BrightHire does not attempt to automatically determine if you’re the right candidate by evaluating your words, voice, or video - that's the interviewer’s job.

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