BrightHire seamlessly integrates with Zoom so that interviews are captured with no extra effort for the scheduler, or the interviewer. Not integrated with Zoom yet? Here are the quick setup instructions.

Setting up BrightHire and Zoom to capture the right conversations is easy, and relies on your integration with an ATS (Lever or Greenhouse).

This article will cover three main topics:

  1. How to set up BrightHire to automatically record Zoom interviews

  2. How to ensure the right interviewers are being recorded

  3. How to join a BrightHire interview

How to set up BrightHire Auto Join by Position

Once you're integrated, all you need to do is go to Settings -> Organization Settings -> Auto Join by Position in BrightHire.

You will see the list of positions being pulled in from your ATS into BrightHire. For each position, you can toggle Auto Join on or off.

If Auto Join is ON, all Zoom interviews for that scheduled position will be automatically captured with BrightHire. This applies to every future Zoom interview for this position, including those that have already been scheduled.

If Auto Join is OFF, all Zoom interviews for that scheduled position will not be automatically captured with BrightHire. BrightHire can still be used if an interviewer adds BrightHire in another way, or if they use the Interview with BrightHire button in Google Calendar, and no other interviewer is on the exclusion list (covered below).

Note: Join by Position works with Greenhouse scheduling, Greenhouse + Google Calendar scheduling, Greenhouse + Calendly scheduling, and Lever + Google Calendar scheduling, Greenhouse + Outlook scheduling, and Lever + Outlook scheduling.

User Exclusion List

At the top of the Auto Join settings, you will see the option to exclude users from Auto Join. This is to be used in case there are any interviewers who object to being recorded. Adding a user to this list will ensure that this interviewer's interviews will not be automatically captured with BrightHire as part of a position toggled on in the above step.

If an excluded user joins an interview with Interview with BrightHire button in Google Calendar, or manually adds BrightHire to an interview, the interview will still be captured.

It is important to note that adding a user to the exclusion list will cancel automatic BrightHire recording for any interview they are on, including group interviews.

How to Join a BrightHire Zoom Interview

For the best experience with BrightHire and Zoom, download our chrome extension.

To join a Zoom interview, just click Interview with BrightHire in your calendar invite as shown below.

This will open the automatically-recorded Zoom, and the Interview Assistant.

If you don't have Google Chrome, simply open the Zoom link as you normally would. The interview will already be recorded with the Auto Join by Position setup that you enabled above.

To open the Interview Assistant without the Chrome extension, use one of these two methods:

  1. Click LIVE on BrightHire, and select "View Stream on BrightHire" from the dropdown.

  2. Go to your BrightHire homepage and click the green banner at the top of the screen signifying you are in an interview.

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