In this article, we will cover the steps required to connect Lever to your BrightHire organization. The integration allows you to use Lever as your single source of truth throughout BrightHire. From candidates, positions, and call guides, you will be able to schedule interviews in Lever and have your data linked to your BrightHire interview. Interview call notes will appear under each candidate’s “Notes” section in Lever.

What you will provide BrightHire:

  • API Key

  • Webhook Signing Token

What BrightHire will provide:

  • Webhook URL


  1. Generate API Credentials w/ correct permissions

  2. Create or send current Webhook Signing Token

  3. Enable webhooks w/ provided Webhook URL

Generate Lever API Credentials

This is done through the Settings page under Integrations and API Settings

Integrations and API

Under API Credentials, click Generate New Key. Please name the key “BrightHire” and copy the API key to a safe place. You will need to send this key to BrightHire.

Scroll to the Permissions section and click “Select all”. All of the boxes under all sections should now be checked. This will allow BrightHire to integrate your Lever data with your BrightHire interviews.

Click Done and send the saved API key to BrightHire.

Enabling Webhooks

Click on the Webhooks tab from the Integrations and API. Scroll to Webhook configuration.

Scroll to Webhook signing token section. If you do not already have a “Signature Token”, please generate one and send the token to your CSM at BrigthHire.

After BrightHire has both your API Key and Webhook Signature Token, your integration will be validated. BrightHire will send you a custom URL to use for your webhook configuration. The four webhooks that need to be enabled are:

  1. Application Created

  2. Interview Created

  3. Interview Updated

  4. Interview Deleted

Starting with the Application Created webhook, toggle the webhook to green and click “+ Add webhook”. Paste the webhook URL from BrightHire in the URL box, make sure all boxes are checked below, and click “Verify”. After a couple moments you should see a green check and “Verified” in the text of the button.

The custom webhook that BrightHire provides will be in the form of:

Continue with these steps with the following three webhooks (Interview Created, Interview Update, and Interview Deleted).

Once complete, BrightHire will do an initial sync of your Lever data and the two systems will be fully integrated, ready to use.

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