SCIM Integration

Supported Features

  • Create users

  • Update user attributes

  • Activate & deactivate users directly from the Active Directory dashboard


  • You need to have admin access to your Microsoft Active Directory tenant.

  • You need to have admin access to your BrightHire tenant.

  • Make sure that SAML setup is done as per the instructions given in the Microsoft SAML configuration guide.

Configuration Steps

  • Generate an SCIM Token here

  • Navigate to your BrightHire SAML application (created during SAML setup) in Enterprise Applications in your Active Directory tenant and click Provisioning.

  • Click "Get Started" and then enter the necessary configuration details

  • Click "Test Connection" and then ensure Provisioning Status is On before you click save.

  • Click "Start Provisioning" on the main Provisioning page

  • Now, whenever you add assign users this BrightHire application in Microsoft Active Directory they will be automatically created in BrightHire. Whenever you un-assign them, they will be automatically deleted in BrightHire.

If you have questions, please reach out to support at [email protected]

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