SCIM Integration

Supported Features

  • Create users

  • Update user attributes

  • Activate & deactivate users directly from the Okta dashboard

  • Import users


  • To set up BrightHire user provisioning with Okta, you need to have access to the Okta Admin account

  • Make sure that SAML setup is done as per the instructions given in the SAML configuration guide located on the Sign On application tab in Okta

Configuration Steps

  • Add BrightHire to your Okta Admin

    • Select the Applications tab and then select Browse App Catalog and search for "BrightHire"

    Note: We are assuming that the SAML setup is already done as mentioned here

  • Before starting, make sure you select Email for the Application username format on the Sign On application tab in Okta

  • Once the app is added, click on the Provisioning tab

  • Click on the Configure API Integration button

  • Click on Enable API integration

  • You will be prompted for an API token. Please send an email to [email protected] with the necessary details to get this token. Once you receive this token, add it to the textbox

  • Click "Test API Credentials" to check if the token is working as expected. Once that completes, click Save

Provisioning Users

Please ensure that the username and email for users remain the same during user assignments

  • In the Okta Provisioning tab, click Edit under Provisioning to App. Enable "Create Users", "Update User Attributes", "Deactivate Users" capabilities then click Save

    • Note: If you'd prefer users be invited to BrightHire manually but login via Okta, do not check the enable"Create Users"

  • Assign the app to a user you would like to give BrightHire access by using the Assign button on the top left

That should be it!

  • The assigned users should start seeing the BrightHire app in their Okta dashboard and clicking on it should take them to the BrightHire dashboard! Voila!

If you have questions, please reach out to support at [email protected]

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