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Candidate Requests a Copy of Their Interview
Candidate Requests a Copy of Their Interview
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We have a process in place where we can assist you in sharing should you opt to do that.

Before proceeding, we’d like to advise you of the following:

  • Within the US, our legal understanding is that you are under no obligation to share the recording with the candidate and can choose not to as a matter of policy unless subpoenaed

  • It may be helpful to understand the candidate’s motivation in asking for the recording: did the candidate have a concern with the interview or was there an issue?

  • It may also be helpful to review the recording to ensure that all protocol was correctly followed

  • With the above said, we of course advise the customer to seek counsel from their own HR or Legal professionals

If you'd like to proceed, please let me know and I'll submit the internal request to get the ball rolling. We're currently equipped to complete this by sharing a Google Drive link.

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