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Candidate Opt-Out of Recording
Candidate Opt-Out of Recording

This article explains BrightHire's Opt-Out Feature

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In less than 1% of cases, a candidate requests not to have their interview recorded. BrightHire's Candidate Opt-out Emails allow candidates to opt-out of BrightHire recordings before the interview happens. This self-service option takes any stress off the recruiting team and interviewers to make sure a candidate's interviews are not captured.

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Enable the Opt-Out Feature:

There are 2 options to enable to opt-out feature. You can either send an automated email in advance of the interview or you can include an opt-out link in your current scheduling flow. Following are instructions to enable each method:

  1. Automatic Email from BrightHire

    In BrightHire general settings (Admins only), you will see the checkbox below reading Allow BrightHire to Send Candidate Opt-out Emails. Checking this box will send an automatic email to the candidate at the time their first interview is scheduled, giving them more information about BrightHire and allowing them to opt-out of recording.

    Note: The opt-out email will only be sent before the first interview, and if the candidate opts out, none of their interviews will be captured. See a preview of the opt-out email below:

  2. Opt-Out Link

    In the same general settings page, you can copy the general opt-out link. This link will prompt users to opt-out the same way that the email above will. The link is a great option if you would prefer the email come directly from your organization, for this link to be included in an interview confirmation, or something else.

  1. Note: In order for the opt-out link to work, the candidate's profile needs to exist in the BrightHire system. A candidate is added to BrightHire when:

    1. The candidate is added to your ATS

    2. The candidate is added to an interview that was manually scheduled in BrightHire.

Site Admin Manually Opts Out for a candidate

Site admins will also be able to manually turn off all recordings for any candidate who has previously had an interview in BrightHire. You can do so by clicking the three dots on the candidate's page and clicking Do not record any interviews as shown below. This action can be undone as well.

If the candidate has not had an interview yet, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can opt that candidate out for you.

The Candidate Experience

If a candidate opts out of being recorded with BrightHire, here is what you can expect from their view:

  • The candidate clicks the link in their upcoming interview email and is first directed to an email verification page. They'll enter their email address and click "Send Verification e-mail":

  • The verification confirmation email will display as shown below and they will click "Continue with Opt-Out":

  • The candidate will be shown one last confirmation page to confirm their opt-out and select "Continue With Opt-Out":

  • Confirmation of successful Opt-Out:

Please note, the candidate needs to opt out at least 10 minutes before the interview or the interviewer may need to turn off recording if they see that message.

Interviewer Experience:

  • The scheduled interviewers will be notified that the candidate has opted out and the interview will not be recorded.

  • If the candidate opts out of having the interview recorded, the Interview Assistant (notepad) will be available for phone interviews but will not be available for interviews conducted in Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Candidate's are able to use this opt out link while the interview recording is in progress, the notetaker will be booted from the meeting and the recording will not be captured.

Note: Recruiters and coordinators will not be notified directly, but will be able to see that the candidate opted out of recording when they visit the candidate's BrightHire page.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, we can be reached at [email protected]

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