If you have set "Block all Third Party Access" in Google Workspace, then your users may see a message like this when logging in:

To allow your users to login or sync their Google Calendar your IT department will need to add BrightHire to your approved apps list in Google Workspace. To do this, have you IT Admin follow these instructions:

  1. Go here: https://admin.google.com/ac/owl/list?tab=configuredApps

  2. Click "Add App" > "OAuth App Name"

  3. Search for "BrightHire"

  4. Click "Select" next to "BrightHire"

  5. Click on the Client ID that matches this value 312044015234-ti6v2aug91oiflu5cg926kqamstfq3cv.apps.googleusercontent.com then click "Select"

  6. Select "Trusted" and then click "Configure"

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