To set up the BrightHire x Slack integration, navigate to the the BrightHire Slack settings for your organization. You must be a BrightHire Site Admin to enable this integration.

If your organization has not set up this integration yet, you will see the "Add to Slack" button below.

Clicking this button will open a page in your web browser where you can choose to allow Slack for your organization.

Note: This step can depend on your organization's internal Slack setup. If you find that you are not able to approve a Slack integration for your organization, you will be able to submit it for approval to your Slack admin. Reach out to your Slack admin to make sure they approve the integration.

Once you either approve the integration by choosing "Allow" or have your Slack admin finish the approval, BrightHire and Slack are integrated! You will see a green check mark with the below message when the integration is complete. You will also get a message in Slack from the newly installed BrightHire Slack App.

Now your team will be able to interact with BrightHire from Slack.

The setting for this integration will automatically default to:

Users can choose their notification preferences here. Check out this article to learn more.

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