The steps below will walk you through using Calendly with Greenhouse. This will allow you to take advantage of the easy scheduling provided by Calendly while also ensuring your interviews are captured by BrightHire. In order to use the instructions laid out in this article, you must have already enabled the Calendly x Greenhouse integration. You can easily do so using these instructions.

There are three one-time steps to set up your Calendly event type, then two steps to use your new Calendly event with Greenhouse.

Setting up Calendly

Step 1: Select "New Event Type" on the right side in Calendly under Event Types.

Step 2: Select "One-on-One," then press "Create."

Step 3: Create an Event name that identifies the template as being for BrightHire interviews. Then add the BrightHire recording disclosure language into the Description field. Choose your video conferencing system (Zoom or Google Meet) for the location.

Using Calendly with Greenhouse

Step 1 (for the interviewer): Go to a candidate's profile and select Schedule with Calendly. Choose the Calendly Invite Type that you created and send the email to the candidate.

If you are not scheduling from Greenhouse directly, you can still take advantage of the integration, just send your BrightHire Calendly event type to the candidate.

Step 2 (for the candidate): The candidate will open the Calendly link that the receive in the email above. They will be able to open that link and pick a time for the interview.

That's it! The candidate will get an email with the BrightHire disclosure language. This interview will be integrated with BrightHire.

Here's more information on the benefit you'll get from using Calendly to schedule your BrightHire interviews with Greenhouse!

Note: Any interviews scheduled with Calendly must be rescheduled with Calendly for the BrightHire x Greenhouse integration to be maintained. If interviews are rescheduled manually on a calendar, the integration will be lost.

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