Important Notes:

  1. The following guide outlines the configuration required in the Zoom Admin interface. You need to be a Zoom administrator to set up this integration.

  2. This guide is written to affect the Zoom settings for your entire organization. However, if you are a large organization and find it useful to have group-specific settings, you can easily do so. See the following documentation for how to set up groups in Zoom Managing User Groups. This will require a Zoom admin to manage group participants.

To complete this set-up we’ll be working in the Admin section of your Zoom account. To access the Admin Settings. Navigate to Account Management -> Account Settings. We’ll be toggling between the Recording and Meeting Tabs.

Navigate to the Recording tab

1. Ensure ‘Cloud Recording’ is flipped ON for your entire organization. (Required)

This step is ‘Required’ and will ensure that your calls are recorded properly. Follow these steps:

  • Toggle Cloud Recording ON

  • Once cloud recording is turned on, make sure to check the options as shown below. Save this setting for all users by clicking the lock icon

Optional: Auto-delete Cloud Recordings after days. BrightHire uses the Zoom Cloud Recording feature which means your recordings will be stored in both Zoom and BrightHire. . You can prevent your Zoom storage from flowing over, by opting to auto-delete the recordings, We suggest a frequency of 7 days.

Step 2: Automatic Recordings can be toggled off, but NOT locked (Required)

It is acceptable for Automatic recording to be toggled on or off. It is ‘Required’ that the setting is not locked.

Navigate to the Meeting Tab

Optional: Waiting Room You may want to use a waiting room as it ensures that interviewers are the first to join BrightHire interviews and creates a better recording experience. The waiting room is customizable and can be enabled to launch only when the meeting has an external participant.

Navigate to the Meetings -> Meeting (Advanced)

Step 3: PMI Settings

There are 3 PMI settings in Zoom Account Settings. BrightHire doesn't support meetings scheduled with a PMI so the setting 'Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting' needs to be toggled off to prevent meetings from being automatically scheduled with a PMI.

Navigate to the BrightHire Zoom organization settings by clicking here.

Step 4: Install the BrightHire Zoom Application (Required)

Install the BrightHire Zoom Application by clicking the “Add to Zoom” button.

Note: In order to install the integration, you must select "All users on this account"

Confirm your settings

Click here and confirm your settings are correct.

Optional Zoom Disclosures:

Zoom offers additional features related to notifying a candidate that the meeting is being recorded that can be optionally turned on for your organization.

In the United States, some states require “two-party” consent to record a conversation, This means both parties on the line are aware the recording is taking place. This is generally considered satisfied by the visual ‘recording’ icon shown on the screen during a recorded Zoom meeting by default, without any of the features below turned on.

Optional - Enable audio notification If you wish to provide an additional notification to the candidate at the outset of the meeting informing them the meeting is recorded, you can turn on Zoom’s audio notification feature. This will play an audio notification to each participant at the start of the meeting that it is recorded.

Note: By turning this feature on the notification will play during all recorded Zoom meetings, not just interviews.

Navigate to the Recording Tab

  • Navigate to recording notifications

  • Select who to play the voice prompt for

  • Save

  • Optional - activate this setting for everyone in your organization by clicking the lock icon after toggling ON.

Optional - Enable “Recording Disclaimer” to capture explicit consent

Unlike the United States where consent can be implied (i.e., consent is achieved when someone is informed the call is recorded and stays on the line), under the GDPR, consent is an affirmative act of opt-in consent. Those clients that want to capture affirmative consent can do so by turning on the Recording Disclaimer feature in Zoom.

Note: Affirmative consent is not necessarily required even for clients based in Europe. Some clients may rely on legitimate business interest as a legal basis for recording, not affirmative consent. Please consult legal representation to determine what is required for your organization.

Navigate to the Meeting Tab.

  • Navigate to “Show a custom disclaimer when starting or joining a meeting”

  • Customize your disclaimer

  • Save

  • Optional - activate this setting for everyone in your organization by clicking the lock icon after toggling ON.

Note: This pop-up message will be shown for all recorded Zoom meetings using your domain, not just those with BrightHire enabled.

Approve the BrightHire Zoom App for Interviews

BrightHire has an app that allows interviews to interviewers to take notes directly in Zoom. Depending on your Organizations Settings, you may need to pre-approve this app before your users can use it.

  • This app can be pre-approved for your entire organization or select users and groups

Important note: Zoom has an option to automatically send a notification when an app is approved for installation. If you do not want that notification to go out, that preference can he found here.

Congratulations! You are now ready to schedule a test interview with your BrightHire CSM!

To learn more about the Zoom integration, click here and check out the Zoom Integration FAQs.

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