Zoom Setup Instructions

These steps will affect the Zoom settings for your entire organization. Other applications that use the Zoom custom livestream feature, such as Chorus.ai, will not function properly when the BrightHire Zoom application is installed.

For Steps 1-5, navigate to Settings -> Account Management -> Account Settings -> Recording.

Step 1)

Required: Turn on Cloud Recording for your entire organization.

This will ensure your calls are recorded properly. To save this setting for all users, click the lock icon after you toggle ON. Make sure that "Record active speaker with shared screen" is checked.

Step 2)

Recommended: Auto-delete Cloud Recordings.

BrightHire uses the Zoom Cloud Recording feature. Meetings which are imported into BrightHire will be automatically deleted from your Zoom storage. As an extra precaution, you can ensure that your Zoom storage is not flowing over, by auto-deleting recordings. We recommend 7 days.

Step 3)

Recommended: Multiple audio notifications of recorded meeting.

All meetings will have a visual indicator that they are being recorded, but this step creates an additional level of disclosure to ensure all participants are aware. This step requires that "Cloud Recording" is also flipped on (Step 1). To make sure this setting is activated for everyone in your organization, click the lock icon after toggling ON.

Step 4)

Recommended for international interviewing: Recording disclaimer.

You may opt to turn on “Recording disclaimer” which will ask participants for active consent when a recording starts.

This message can be customized by clicking on the blue “Customize” link. We recommend: "This meeting is being recorded by BrightHire so we can focus on you, not taking notes."

Note: This pop up message will be shown for all recorded Zoom meetings done using your domain, not just those with BrightHire enabled.

Step 5)

Required: Automatic Recordings can be switched off, but NOT locked off.

Locking this feature disables recording.

For Step 6, navigate to: Account Management -> Account Settings -> Security.

Step 6)

Recommended: Waiting Room.

This step ensures that interviewers are the first to join BrightHire interviews and creates a better recording experience.

For Step 7, navigate to: Account Management -> Account Settings -> Schedule Meeting.

Step 7)

Required: Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting should be set to OFF for all users at the organization level.

For Step 8, navigate to: Account Management -> Account Settings -> In Meeting (Advanced).

Step 8)

Required: Activate Custom Live Streaming.

Uncheck all other live streaming services unless your organization uses them, and check "Custom Live Streaming Service"

For Step 9, navigate to the BrightHire Zoom organization settings by clicking here.

Step 9)

Required: Install the BrightHire Zoom Application by clicking the “Add to Zoom” button.

You are ready to use BrightHire with Zoom! To learn more about the Zoom integration, click here and check out the Zoom Integration FAQs below.

Zoom Integration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my organization's Zoom settings are set up correctly?

  • This page in your BrightHire settings will let you know if you are ready to go.

Can I use Zoom's Chrome Extension in addition to BrightHire's?

  • Yes you can! If you use the Zoom Chrome Extension, make sure Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting is set to off in the Chrome Extension options (right click the Chrome Extension and select Options).

Are there any restrictions on what kind of Zoom users can use this integration?

  • BrightHire Users must have a Licensed Zoom account for the integration to work properly, as Basic users do not have Cloud Recording ability (only local).

  • Specifically, the Host of the Zoom needs a License (not necessarily a participant).

How do I uninstall the Zoom integration?

  • To uninstall the Zoom integration, have the administrator go to the Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. Click "Manage" "Installed Apps" and then search for the BrightHire app. Click the "BrightHire" app and then click "Uninstall".

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