How can BrightHire help my team make the best possible hiring decisions?

  • BrightHire allows teams to work together faster, more effectively and with less bias.

  • Handoffs between interviewers are seamless, bolstering a best-in-class candidate experience and helping teams identify high value candidates early on and focus investment on them.

How does BrightHire improve my team's decision-making process?

  • Every hiring decision is a major commitment for both a company and a candidate. With BrightHire, these major decisions are made based on concrete evidence, not recollections and fuzzy memories, enabling hiring teams to make the best possible decisions.

  • Decisions can be made faster with asynchronous interview review and collaboration.

  • Each interview with a candidate can cover significantly more ground, with deeper discovery, since questions do not need to be repeated by different interviewers.

What is the handoff between interviewers like with BrightHire?

  • After every interview, the interviewer is able to share the interview with the next interviewer, or with anyone else involved in the hiring process.

  • Interviewers can easily pick up where the last interviewer left off, and effectively use their time with candidates to ask new questions rather than re-asking earlier ones that were already covered.

  • Preparing for an interview is as easy as exploring moments marked by the previous interviewer, with an option to listen to moments that were automatically highlighted.

How does BrightHire change hiring team calibration of a candidate?

  • Have you ever disagreed with another member of the team about hiring a candidate you interviewed? Two people can have a wildly different experience with the same candidate. BrightHire provides the tools for hiring teams to discuss hiring decisions with a shared dataset - evidence from all interviews conducted - and concrete evidence from all stages of the hiring process.

When in the hiring process should a hiring team use BrightHire?

  • BrightHire can be used for the entire end-to-end hiring process, all the way from sourcing to a final offer.

  • Beyond the interviews themself, BrightHire can be used support many other elements of the hiring process, from training new interviewers to capturing intake conversations and supporting candidate debriefs.

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