The User Management tab in the BrightHire App Settings is the one-stop shop for managing user permissions.

There are three components of User Management settings.

1. Users

The Users tab shows a list of BrightHire users that is searchable by user name and email.

You can click into each user's profile to see more information and to manage the user's role and Hiring Teams they are a part of.

This is also where you can invite new users to the platform and resent invitations that have expired.

2. Hiring Teams

The Hiring Teams tab shows the Positions that have been created or imported into BrightHire from an ATS. When you click into the Position Name, you will see the users that are involved in hiring for a Position, and the role each user has with respect to the position.

This is one location where you can manage or add users to a Hiring Team.

3. Roles & Policies

The Roles & Policies tab is where custom Role-Based Access Controls are set for an organization. There are three components of this tab: User Permissions, Hiring Team Permissions, and Policies.

User Permissions - Each User is assigned a role in BrightHire: Basic, Recruiter, or Site Admin. This is where configurable changes to these User roles can be made. For more information on User Permissions, click here.

Hiring Team Permissions - Users can belong to one or more Hiring Teams. When added to a Hiring Team, the User is assigned a role: Interviewer, Team Member, or Hiring Team Admin. This is where configurable changes to these Hiring Team roles can be made. For more information on Hiring Team Permissions, click here.

Policies - Policies determine organization-wide settings for several key components of RBAC setup. For more information, click here.

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