A Hiring Team is a group of users who are involved in the interview process for a particular Position. Adding someone to a Hiring Team will ensure that they are part of the interview process for a certain Position, with the visibility they need.

For more information on Hiring Team roles & permissions, click here.

To add a BrightHire user to a Hiring Team, navigate to the users page and select Hiring Teams under User Management.

Click on the Position for which you want to add someone to the Hiring Team

From here, you will be able to see who is already on the Hiring Team, manage Hiring Team roles, and add any new users to the team.

You will need to assign any new members of the Hiring Team a role on the team. This role will give them the correct access to interviews for the Position. More information on Hiring Team roles is available here.

A shortcut to get here is to click on the Hiring Team link in the Position page.

Note: Access to manage Hiring Teams is not available for all user roles. Consult this User Permissions Matrix for more information, and contact the Site Admin if you have any questions about your role.

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