Every BrightHire user will always have access to view their own interviews. Beyond that, each interview can be set up with one of three different visibility levels that are configurable. Users can also share interviews with other BrightHire users.

Site Admins at the platform level can see every Interview.

Below are the high-level objectives of each visibility level - keep in mind that Site Admins can customize these visibility levels to suit the needs of your organization:

  1. Team Visible - Team Visible interviews are viewable by Team Members and Hiring Team Admins for the specified position. Recruiters can be configured to see these interviews across Hiring Teams or not.
  2. Restricted - Restricted interviews are viewable only by the Interview participants, Hiring Team Admins, and Site Admins.
  3. Private - Private interviews are viewable only by the interview participants and Site Admins.

If an interview is shared using a method below, anyone who the interview is directly shared with can view the interview at any visibility.


There are four ways to share a BrightHire Interview with someone else:

  1. Use the native Share button - Just click on the Share button in the top right corner of the interview Highlights page and add any users that you would like to share with. You can add a custom message, and the user you shared with will get an email pulling them into the interview.
  2. Tag a user - @mention a BrightHire user in the Notes to give them access to the interview and add them to the Share screen.
  3. Forward the Interview Highlights email - Send the email to anyone who is on the Hiring Team, or who the interview has already been shared with.
  4. Share the Interview link - The interview link can be copied and pasted, but only users on the Hiring Team or who the interview has been shared with natively will be able to see it.

Who can share, and with whom, is also important to note. Within a Hiring Team, Interviewers and Hiring Team Members can only share with other members of the Hiring Team. Site Admins and Hiring Team Admins can share with anyone on the platform.

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