Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) allow each organization to configure which Interviews, Positions, and Candidates are visible to each user within the BrightHire app.

With RBAC, you can easily add Recruiters, Interviewers and Managers all to the same BrightHire platform - with the confidence that everyone will see only the information they need to run a world-class hiring practice. Specific roles can even be assigned to new users when they sign up, to make self sign-up easy, and working together even easier.

RBAC is simple. There are three main pieces of Role-Based Access Control:

  • User Permissions - These permissions govern what a user can see and do by default in the platform, outside of the role they are granted on specific Hiring Teams they are added to.
  • Hiring Team - Users can be added to Hiring Teams to collaborate on hiring for a certain Position. Within the Hiring Team, users can be assigned a specific role depending on their involvement.
  • Interview Visibility - Each Interview can be configured individually to have its own settings as to who can access it.
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