How does BrightHire help me as an interviewer?

  • Allows you to focus on the candidate, and not on taking notes.

  • Conveniently puts interview questions and areas to cover at your fingertips.

  • Captures the details to make it easy and fast to leave substantive feedback.

  • Makes it seamless to collaborate with your hiring team to efficiently stay in-sync.

  • Creates a more fair and equitable hiring process by removing subjectivity.

Will BrightHire take notes for me?

  • With BrightHire, the notes you take in the Interview Assistant will be time-stamped to take you right back into key moments.

  • BrightHire’s Auto-Highlights pull out key moments for you after the interview. You can toggle these on or off when you’re reviewing the interview in BrightHire by using the switch above the Notes section.

Who can see my BrightHire interviews?

  • Every organization has the ability to create their own access controls for interview visibility. This can be customized, but in most cases, the hiring team for the role in addition to system administrators will be able to see your interviews.

  • Interviews can be made private in BrightHire if necessary.

Will the candidate know they are being recorded?

Yes, the candidate will be made aware of the recording in three ways:

  1. A BrightHire disclosure is included in event invitations - We encourage our clients to add a disclosure to all candidate-facing interview invitations that gives candidates a heads up about BrightHire, and also links them to a helpful FAQ made just for them.

  2. For phone interviews with BrightHire - Candidates hear a notification ("This interview will be recorded so we can focus on you, not taking notes") before every BrightHire interview.

  3. For Zoom interviews with BrightHire - There are three possible notification points for Zoom. 1) Candidates see a visual "LIVE on BrightHire" in the top left corner of the Zoom. 2) OPTIONAL - Candidates hear that the interview is being recorded when they enter the Zoom. 3) OPTIONAL - Some organizations enable a click-through message that candidates have to click to agree to enter the Zoom, with the understanding that they will be recorded.

What should I say if a candidate asks why we record our interviews?

Here are the simple answers to have in your back pocket:

  1. Why is this interview being recorded? “We record our interviews so we can focus on the conversation not taking notes, and run a better hiring process.

  2. Who can see the interview recording? “The hiring team for this role can see the interview along with our site admins, the same people who can see your information in our ATS.

What if the candidate doesn't want to be recorded?

  • To-date, over 99% of candidates have opted-in to having interviews be captured by BrightHire.

  • If you encounter a candidate who requests not to be recorded, the recording is easy to turn off.

  • To stop recording a BrightHire phone interview: Press the “Cancel Recording” button. You do not need to call the candidate back or spin up a new Zoom, simply continue the conversation and none of it will be recorded.

  • To stop the recording in Zoom, use the stop button in the top left of the Zoom or in the control window.

Does BrightHire transcribe in real time?

  • The interview transcription will be ready after the interview is over. The notes you take in the Interview Assistant will be time-stamped back to the point in the interview at which you wrote them, in both the transcription and recording.

  • You can copy the transcript by clicking on the copy icon to the top right of the transcript.

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