If you have a shared calendar for interviews scheduled across the organization, whether created manually or automatically by a scheduling tool like GoodTime, syncing it to BrightHire enables us to automatically join some or all of the Zoom interviews on the calendar, making it seamless for your team to leverage BrightHire.

To sync a shared calendar, you must be an Admin BrightHire user. The first step is for the Admin user to sync their own calendar using these instructions.

Once that is done, select Settings from the dropdown in the upper right of the app.

Once in the Settings page, select "Shared Calendars" in the lower left of the screen.

Select a shared calendar from the "Select a calendar" dropdown to add it to the list of synced calendars and configure its settings.

For each calendar selected, you can choose from 3 settings for how BrightHire will import Zoom meetings from the calendar:

  1. All - BrightHire will join and import all Zoom meetings on this calendar.
  2. Some - BrightHire will join and import any Zoom meetings on this calendar with #brighthire in the event description.
  3. None - You will need to manually add BrightHire to join and import the Zoom meeting. You can read about how to do that here.

The "Some" option is used when the shared calendar contains some Zoom events that are not interviews or the organization doesn't want to import. In that case, templates used to schedule interviews can be updated with #brighthire in the event description so that BrightHire joins just the right meetings.

Once a shared calendar has been synced successfully, you will get a notification at the top of the page.

To remove a shared calendar that has been synced, simply click the "Delete" button.

Once a shared calendar has been synced, you can always toggle between the import settings. Note: whatever the shared calendar sync setting was when the event was scheduled (i.e., all, some, none) will remain the setting for that event. The new settings will apply for all future events.

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