We built BrightHire to make recruiters' jobs easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Here's how BrightHire adds value to your calls, workflow, and career.

BrightHire supercharges your workflow - making your job easier, better, and faster. With BrightHire, you can:

  • Simply focus on having great conversations with candidates, not typing while talking and splitting your attention

  • Always recall every detail about every candidate, whether it's 1, 5 or 60 days later, and surface the important info fast

  • Align quickly with your hiring managers on what they're looking for and help teams move faster and decide with more confidence

  • Prep your interview teams to deliver an exceptional candidate experience, picking up right where you left off

  • Get much faster, more concrete feedback from hiring managers after every interview

  • Be able to draw on everything a candidate has shared with the hiring team when managing their experience and preparing to close them

BrightHire doesn't require any big change to how you run phone screens, and won't slow you down (it will speed you up).

  • Seamless calendar integration enables you to launch a BrightHire call with a single click

  • A mobile-optimized Interview Assistant allows you to use BrightHire directly from you phone

  • Zoom integration brings BrightHire directly into video interviews

  • Ability to easily copy, edit, and sync notes to your ATS makes it quick & easy to complete candidate write-ups

BrightHire can be a powerful platform to refine your craft and grow in your career

  • BrightHire can help you self-coach to get better, and learn from what's working well for your peers

  • BrightHire helps your coaches and champions to support your development in a much more personalized way

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