The BrightHire Zoom integration allows any BrightHire customer to seamlessly access the Interview Assistant from your Zoom interviews, and capture them for better decision-making, collaboration and insights.

Once the Zoom integration is setup (as described in the steps below) interviewers will see a "Live on BrightHire" drop-down at the top of their Zoom interview. By selecting "View Stream on BrightHire" they will open the Interview Assistant.

By clicking the button in the upper right of the full-screen Interview Assistant, you can "pop it out" to be easily viewed alongside a Zoom video screen.

Zoom interviews can now be run with more structure and the ability to capture the moments that matter in real-time.

In order to configure the BrightHire Zoom integration, you need to be both a Zoom administrator and an owner for your BrightHire organization.

To set up the integration, follow these instructions. If you’re not the organization's Zoom administrator, forward the instructions to them.

Note: At this time, the BrightHire Zoom integration only supports scheduled Zoom meetings, not recurring meetings or personal rooms.

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