BrightHire's Chrome extension allows BrightHire to work where you do, and makes interviewing easier than ever. Click here to download and install the extension!

Here are some of the game-changing features you can access once the extension is installed:

BrightHire in Greenhouse & Lever

The BrightHire side panel in your candidate scorecard or feedback form gives you access to the recording, transcript, and any time-stamped notes without ever leaving the ATS. Click the "Open" button on the side of your screen to experience the magic.

If you have access to the candidate profile in your ATS, you can call the candidate with one click while automatically pulling in all candidate information to display in front of you during the phone interview.

BrightHire with Phone, Zoom, & Google Meet

The Chrome extension allows you to access the Interview Assistant with one click.

The Call with BrightHire and Interview with BrightHire buttons launch your interview and the interview assistant all at once.

You will see these buttons pop up only for interviews! The following criteria is how BrightHire categorizes a meeting as an interview:

  • A Greenhouse or Lever link is in the title/location/body of the meeting

  • Any link containing is in the title/location/body of the meeting

  • #brighthire is in the title/location/body of the meeting

  • Interview/Phone/Screen is in the title/location/body of the meeting

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