BrightHire has a mobile-friendly version of our web app that lets you launch and run a BrightHire call with full functionality. Just sign in to on your mobile browser to be able to:

📱 Make a BrightHire call directly from your phone, without touching your computer keyboard

📓 Access the Interview Assistant on mobile to use call cues, notes, and reactions on the go

🖥 Jump into a live conversation on your desktop so you can take notes when you get back to your desk

👆 Launch a call with one click via a home screen shortcut

To get started, just click on your phone.

You can also save BrighthHire to your home screen to create an app-like experience, allowing you to open BrightHire with a single click. See the videos below for instructions!

How to run a call from your iPhone (enable 🔊):

How to add BrightHire to your iPhone home screen:

How to add BrightHire to your Android home screen:

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