BrightHire allows you to easily set up custom Interview Guide templates! The best way to set up your Interview Guides for this scenario is to create a template and then make individual, customized copies of that template for each unique role. Here's how that works:

Imagine that in every phone screen you need to cover the candidate's motivations, ideal opportunity, desired compensation, experience & relevant skills, work authorization status, and job search.

You can create an Interview Guide with those topics that serves as a phone screen template. (Make sure this guide is set to Public so the entire team can use it.)

If you then want to customize this template for a new role, you can select "Copy Guide" to create a new version of the template...

...and give that version a new name based on the role/client. Then edit that new version to add the specific topics/questions you need to cover. 

For example, in the guide shown below, we've turned the standard phone screen template into an phone screen guide for "Engineer 1" candidates at BrightHire. We added questions about preferred languages and data visualization as well as a reminder to ourselves to describe why BrightHire is a great place to work as a junior engineer:

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