Once you’ve created an account, you can log in with your organization’s Google or Microsoft account, or with the phone number you've associated with your account.

To sign in with your Google or Microsoft account simply select the applicable “Sign In with….” option and enter your login credentials.

To sign in with your phone number, enter the phone number associated with your BrightHire account and choose either “Text Me” or “Call Me”. 

The “Text Me” option will automatically send a 6-digit verification code to the device associated with your number. You will then input this code into the box labeled “Verification Code” and select the blue “Sign In” box. To use this method, be sure you've registered a phone number that is able to receive text messages.

Selecting “Call Me” will automatically initiate a robocall. You’ll be prompted to enter a number from 0-9 on your keypad; after entering that you will then be given a 6-digit verification code to input in the box labeled “Verification code”. After inputting your code click the blue “Sign In” box.  

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